The Judges

  • Alison Wilcox

    Alison Wilcox

    Head of education at National Association of Special Educational Needs

  • John Dabell

    John Dabell

    Regular Teach Primary reviewer and education professional

  • Tracy Parvin

    Tracy Parvin

    President of UK Literacy Association

  • Sarah Zaman

    Sarah Zaman

    Regional coordinator for Computing at School North West Manchester

  • Kulvinder Kaur Johal

    Kulvinder Kaur Johal

    Regional mentor and fellow of the Primary Science Teaching Trust

  • Melanie Muldowney

    Melanie Muldowney

    Chair of teaching committee at Mathematical Association

  • Jonathan Glazzard

    Jonathan Glazzard

    Professor of Teacher Education at Leeds Beckett University

  • Maria Cunningham

    Maria Cunningham

    Network development leader for the Teacher Development Trust

  • Shining Lights Teaching School Alliance

    Shining Lights Teaching School Alliance

    A forward-thinking, collaborative network of schools from across Lancashire

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