The Categories

  • Curriculum impact

    Curriculum impact

    Resources that will change the way a particular subject is taught and/or boost students’ progress in that subject

  • Assessment


    Resources to help teachers check students’ understanding, improve feedback, track progress and so on

  • SEND


    Resources to support students with additional needs, and improve accessibility

  • CPD


    Resources to enhance teachers’ professional development

  • Home-school communication

    Home-school communication

    Resources that can improve parental engagement

  • Data management systems

    Data management systems

    Resources aimed at helping schools collect and use data effectively, and store it safely

  • Safeguarding


    Resources concerned with any aspect of safeguarding, including online

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Assessment Criteria

The judges will assess resources by looking at their:
  • Suitability

    Is the resource appropriate for use by students at KS3 and 4?

  • Value for money (unless resource is free)

    How significantly does the benefit of the resource outweigh its cost?

  • Originality

    How innovative is the resource? What does it offer that hasn’t been offered before?

  • Longevity

    How likely is the resource to remain regularly in use for years to come?

  • Educational impact

    How successfully does the resource support young people’s learning, and promote progress?

  • User-friendliness

    How easy and intuitive is the resource to use for educators? Is much training required, and if so, is it provided as part of the package?