The Categories

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Assessment Criteria

The judges will assess resources by looking at their:
  • Capacity to meet a genuine need

    Is the resource something that schools and teachers will actually want? To what extent does it offer its intended users features and benefits not available elsewhere?

  • Potential impact

    Does the resource deliver on what it sets out to do? How likely is it to deliver tangible improvements in practice and outcomes?

  • Ease of delivery

    How easy will it be for schools to incorporate the resource within their existing curriculum or whole school framework? How straightforward will it be for teachers to start using it?

  • Adaptability

    To what degree does the resource take account of schools’ differing needs? Can schools adjust how it’s used or implemented in a way that’s appropriate to their specific circumstances?

  • Value for money

    Can investment in the resource ultimately be justified? Is it competitively priced, compared to rival offerings?